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Filament Geotextile In The Market Development Prospects
Filament geotextile is a special weaving process made of glass fiber network information. Such information has a high heat resistance and excellent cold resistance, high tensile strength, good elasticity, low shrinkage coefficient, strong resistance, anti-excellent tear strength and high chemical stability. Filament geotextile asphalt pavement strengthening information, to avoid the pavement cracks because of the low temperature was holed up, changes in pavement structural stress distribution to prevent reflection cracks extended, rolling scars can also reduce rutting. The glass-fiber geotextile appearance after chemical disposal, improves the appearance properties of glass fiber, reinforced fiberglass and asphalt adhesion, so it can be 160 ℃ high temperature of asphalt mixture in contact will not result in cracking and warping. Excellent workability, lengthens the life of highways, and relatively low pavement structural layer thickness, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing road building cost.