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Why Join Carbon Black Material To Composite Geomembrane
We know that carbon is a would absorb all visible light, reflects ultraviolet light of a material. If it be mixed in after energy composite geomembrane in the polynuclear aromatic structures in the extent of transfers, can show good UV-absorbing functions. By large experiment marked, carbon black of light shield effect with grain degrees, and dispersed sex and dosage, elements about, General status Xia, in composite geo film in the participate in carbon black of grain degrees to 25tun for best, and quality scores to 2% a 5% suitable, dang carbon black volume is low Shi, cannot play its shield UV function, as long as carbon black of quality scores arrived above Shi, composite geo film party has excellent of anti-aging role, dang added carbon black quality scores for 2% Shi, geo film of anti-aging to can progress 20-30 times. But as snow when quality score beyond 5%a, have an adverse effect on physical properties of geomembrane. Types of carbon black as light stabilizers used to tank for the top grade of carbon black, easy processing channel black effect especially in particular.