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How To Tell Quality Filament Geotextile
On the quality of the filament geotextile distinction, generally speaking, individuals prior to the test through the senses is easily differentiated, of the same quality and the same specification geotextile, white color with no points, is a good analogy of geotextiles. Of the same color, density of acupuncture geotextile of bigger is better. But most scientific means of differentiation is the quality of the laboratory testing can detect breaking strength indexes of filament geotextiles, elongation index, and CBR bursting strength indicator. Test data from inspection reports, compared with the technical parameters of the State quality standards, so as to be able to distinguish quality of the filament geotextile, can get civil engineering needs of the request. Filament geotextile polyester filament nonwoven geotextiles with acupuncture, without chemical additives, also without heat treatment, is environmentally-friendly building materials. It can replace the traditional engineering materials and construction methods, construction safety, and contribute to environmental preservation, more economical and effective to deal with fundamental problems in engineering, durable.