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What Are When Purchasing Waterproofing Tips
First is see waterproof Board of quality can fit requests, waterproof Board is polymer polymer for fundamental raw materials made of a new of anti-infiltration geo information, it not only can isolation liquid of soaked also can prevention gas of play, it has good of resistance high temperature, and acid alkali, and resistance aging, and resistance corrosion, and anti-infiltration performance optimal of information, while it also has better of extension, anti-pulled, and anti-tear,, General main should for soil dam, and heap dam, and masonry dam, and concrete dam, and tailings dam, and sewage library dam, and channel, and Storage pool projects such as the cutoff, subway, public rooms and tunnel seepage prevention lining, road and rail Foundation seepage control, sanitary waste landfill in the meet the filament geotextile, bentonite waterproof blanket use of geo-information