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Green Filament Geotextile Construction Process Of Repairing What
Old road to eliminate dust, loose particles and debris, clean clean, stick to boring appearance. Sharp, abrupt area be bulldozed on the road; on the road seriously damaged, broken, should eradicate its broken parts, and asphalt concrete patching. Theory, it is best to use EVA or SBS modified asphalt with filament geotextile products have a good crack resistance and stability. If using emulsified asphalt, asphalt application content must be greater than 60% talent very well. Have serious cracks or rutted roads, you need a layer 1~2cm layer. When the viscosity of oil with liquid asphalt, atmospheric temperature 5 ℃; when the viscosity of oil emulsified asphalt, lO ° c above the temperature of the atmosphere. Pavement when wet after the rain and the rain may not perfuse viscosity oil. Pay attention to choose a good adhesive type and amount of oil.