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History Of HDPE Geomembrane
HDPE anti-seepage membrane in 1960 from Germany began to use, driving across Europe. Then spread to Africa, Australia, and North America. PVC geomembrane in the same time period by the United States to develop, quickly spread to Canada, the former Soviet Union, Taiwan and Europe. Early 80, the United States and Germany access to development benefits from Government support. In 1995 geomembrane sales in North America, for example, HDPE about 40%,VFPE about 20%, other (CSPE,FPP) about 15%. Visible, HDPE geomembranes have accounted for the total amount of geomembrane around 1/3. 1992 introduction of HDPE anti-seepage membrane, after nearly 20 years of development, is widely applied to the anti-seepage engineering, such as garbage landfills, tailing, HSR anti-skid layer, petroleum chemical industry