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Composite Geomembrane, Widely Used In Canal Seepage Control Engineering
Composite geomembrane, widely used in Canal seepage control project. In recent years, geosynthetics in civil engineering, especially in the application of flood control emergency project and its effectiveness has attracted much attention from engineers and technicians. Application of geo-synthetic material, from the cutoff, anti-filtration, drainage, reinforcement and protection of proposed regulatory requirements and greatly accelerated the pace of application of the new material. The material is widely used in irrigation area of Canal seepage control engineering, combined with practical construction and discussion on application of composite geo-membrane. Function: anti-infiltration, and isolation uses: River di, and Hu BA, and tailings dam, and sewage dam and the library district, and channel, and storage liquid pool (pit, and Kuang); Metro, and basement and tunnel, and tunnel anti-infiltration lining masonry; subgrade and the other Foundation saline anti-infiltration; di, and dam Qian level anti-infiltration bedding, Foundation vertical anti-infiltration layer, and construction cofferdam; waste field; seawater, and freshwater farms.