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Geomembranes Have Higher Flexibility
Geomembrane impervious technique of good Flash of beauty of the nimble in recent years, Henry Tong has a good effect of seepage geo-membrane in the construction of more and more used to water the grass-roots level, to meet conditions of environment, nature and water systems built in the shape of requirements for artificial lakes, streams, ponds water gardens landscape adds to the beauty of the nimble. Geomembrane is as impervious to plastic film substrate, and non-woven fabric composite geo impervious material, its seepage prevention of seepage control performance depends primarily on the plastic film. Select geo-membrane in the East, in order to allow the material to play greater role for seepage, in construction, in addition to high quality plastic film processing outside of the geomembrane should also be strict "laid off", to every detail. Geomembrane laying considerations first, interface between geotextile membrane and support material must be as smooth, prevent the film from being punctured, lost its seepage. To freshen up the place in advance laying fine bedding, to protect film from damage.