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Application Of Geomembrane In Canal Anti-Seepage Treatment
Function: using geotechnological cloth good permeability and water permeability, flow through, thus effective interception sandy soil drains. Geotextile has good water properties, it can be formed inside the soil drains, excess liquids and gases discharged within the soil structure. Using geotechnological cloth enhancement soil body tensile strength and resistance to deformation, enhance the stability of structures, to improve soil quality. Effective will focus on stress distribution, transmission or decomposition, and prevent the soil from external forces and destroyed. Prevents mixing between the upper and lower layers of sand, soil and concrete. Mesh is not easy to plug-amorphous fibrous tissue formation of mesh strain and movement. Under the pressure of high water permeability in soil-water, can still maintain good water permeability and corrosion-with polypropylene or polyester fiber as raw material, acid and alkali, no corrosion, no insects, a simple oxidation-resistant construction-low weight, easy to use, simple construction