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At The Time Of Laying Geotextile Asphalt Pavement Played A Role In What
Geotextile has good heat resistance and great cold, high tensile strength, good elasticity, low shrinkage coefficient and wear resistance to strong, anti-excellent tear strength and very high chemical stability, it was understood that the asphalt highway construction and asphalt pavement repair beginning has generally use a variety of geotextiles. The products as asphalt road not short of information, can avoid road for low temperature holed up and produced crack, can changes road of structure stress spread, block reflection cracks of extended, also can reduce rut of rolling marks. this geo cloth by appearance chemical disposal Hou, strengthening has fiber and asphalt of bond force, makes its can in 160 ℃ high temperature of asphalt mixed material contact Hou, not produced cracking and the Alice song deformation. has excellent of construction performance, can extended highway of using life, and can relative reduced road structure layer thickness, So as to achieve the purpose of reducing road building cost.