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Importance Of Geo-Membrane In Irrigation Water Saving
1, geomembrane seepage effect is good, in fact, it is simply the amount of leakage of concrete seepage control materials 1/6, but also be prevented permeability soil Canal 1/21. 2, its application to the extended life span of channel engineering effects. 3, compared with the simple concrete seepage control materials, investments remained more or less concrete is used as maintenance of membrane impermeable layer layer, its thickness of concrete diaphragm 10-14cm thinned to 8-10cm. Acquisition of geotextile concrete savings investments than thinning slightly higher investment, but its reduced frost heave damage, reduced maintenance costs and management fees. Fit 4, geomembrane irrigation practices, seepage control channels for the old channel alterations, General construction and water conflicts of the time. Used plate composite structure, bottom casting, slab in precast irrigation water during the early, non-irrigation period of construction, avoiding the conflict between construction and water and can shorten the duration and reduce investment.